Split Queen adjustable bed is based on such a structure that includes two different bases. It depends on the user whether he use them separately or side by side to enjoy a queen-size bed. Split queen adjustable beds offer many reasons to choose them over others. The most valid reason that they provide is the comfort that comes up with this bed. Regular mattresses are heavy, and its a Hercules task to move them from one place to another but Split queen adjustable beds ensure the leisure of moving as they are lightweight. Beds occupy most of the area in rooms but Split Queen Adjustable beds are on the opposite side of this. They occupy less space. These beds are designed to enhance beauty and provide breathtaking views.

Adjustable legs

Beds come up with standard heights. We cannot change their sizes, but in some new models of Split queen adjustable beds, the luxury of adjusting the height of legs is provided to the users, which makes it unique from others. regular beds have a standard leg height of about 15 inches from the ground, but Split Queen Adjustable beds provide you with the comfort of adjusting the size according to your own will.

Massage Facility

 All we need at the end of a hard working day is comfortable to sleep, and if it is combined with a relaxing, massage, then itprovides the ultimate soothing feeling and provides both physical and mental relaxants. It is vital to keep it in mind that only some of the split queen adjustable beds offer the massage facility. Every model is not equipped with this facility. When a person is buying adjustable bed then he must prefer the model providing massage facility to enjoy all possible luxuries.

Bluetooth Facility

We are living in a modern world, and the contemporary world provides modern solutions. Instead of manually setting up your bed Split Queen Adjustable beds offer the luxury of automatically handling our own bed. They have the Bluetooth facility, and we can easily control and adjust our bed with our mobile and enjoy the luxuries of life.

Independent Movement

This bed provides all the luxuries that one wants. As the name indicated Split Queen Adjustable bed, it means that both the parts can be moved separately. It is not necessary to move both the parts at the same time. It all depends on the user how he/she wants to use it and move it. As both parts can move separately, it gathers less space than others.

Return Policy

At the moment there is no such policy to return the bed. This luxury bed is available in limited countries and is highly expensive due to its benefits and comfort. It is shipping to different countries is costly, that’s why at the moment its import-export is limited. Besides this, if during shipping there is any sort of damage then the person has a right to claim it to be replaced, but there is no such policy of returning it based on the change of mind.